Tales of Mere Existance

I found this wonderful video yesterday - it's worth watching :]

The artist has 19 other videos I can only recommend to watch, it's so full of truth and pieces of wisdom about love and life.

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Toothfairy 说...

hilarious! checking it out on youtube now!


brutalturtle.blogspot.com 说...

ah muschi. you were one of my very first readers, it was so long ago (you just moved to hamburg I think?). I have posted a picture of my new haircut, as you requested haha. But I mean don't party too hard as in you're still a girl so you have to watch out for yourself, there are creepy people out there. Be careful okay?

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☻look for a new flat
☻start Hiphop dancing
☻ask about scholarship in Taipeh
☻look for a sublease
☻get a hair treatment
☻email Steinberg about Immatrikulation - scholarship


♥winter coat
♥some basic tops (i.e. Cardigan)
♥winter shoes



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