We need to keep on going...

"Maybe part of loving is learning to let go."~ unknown author

I am going to break up with him today, and it doesn't seem that sad yet. Two years of happiness and tears and mental breakdowns and a bunch of good memories. I am thankful for each single day - without any regrets ?
I would like to tell him how much I appreciated those past few years, even though it wasn't much compared to other relationships (but hell love is not defined by its length isn't it?), and I would like to say sorry for being such a capricious princess, for being so hard to handle, for getting on his nerves, for my betrayal, for all those bad words, for breaking his heart...
And it still doesn't seem that sad yet.

Damn, I'm sure I am going to cry.


Tales of Mere Existance

I found this wonderful video yesterday - it's worth watching :]

The artist has 19 other videos I can only recommend to watch, it's so full of truth and pieces of wisdom about love and life.



After a long absence, I think it's high time to write again... just to keep my friends up-to-date... (sry A.!)

I don't really want to post anything about this summer, b/c everyone who needs to know the story has already been informed (at length). Yes, a lot has happened, yes, a lot has changed.
Especially I came back as a slightly different person, at least that's what my friends told me.
Through it all I came to realize , that you sometimes have to change directions or head back and look for another way of life, if you want to go on.

Right now I am really thankful to have so many good friends out there I can trust and who appreciate me and vice versa. They helped me to redefine myself.
Thank you guys! :)

I finally arrived in Hamburg (a week ago), I found work in the North German Broadcasting Corporation, I've already met a bunch of nice people and went partying with them (Club III&70, Halo, Hamburger Berg, Karaokebars...), I smoked weed for the first time of my life and right now i have several "guy issues"...

question of the day: Why are men such complicated creatures with so many simple needs?

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☻look for a new flat
☻start Hiphop dancing
☻ask about scholarship in Taipeh
☻look for a sublease
☻get a hair treatment
☻email Steinberg about Immatrikulation - scholarship


♥winter coat
♥some basic tops (i.e. Cardigan)
♥winter shoes



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