Tales of Mere Existance

I found this wonderful video yesterday - it's worth watching :]

The artist has 19 other videos I can only recommend to watch, it's so full of truth and pieces of wisdom about love and life.



After a long absence, I think it's high time to write again... just to keep my friends up-to-date... (sry A.!)

I don't really want to post anything about this summer, b/c everyone who needs to know the story has already been informed (at length). Yes, a lot has happened, yes, a lot has changed.
Especially I came back as a slightly different person, at least that's what my friends told me.
Through it all I came to realize , that you sometimes have to change directions or head back and look for another way of life, if you want to go on.

Right now I am really thankful to have so many good friends out there I can trust and who appreciate me and vice versa. They helped me to redefine myself.
Thank you guys! :)

I finally arrived in Hamburg (a week ago), I found work in the North German Broadcasting Corporation, I've already met a bunch of nice people and went partying with them (Club III&70, Halo, Hamburger Berg, Karaokebars...), I smoked weed for the first time of my life and right now i have several "guy issues"...

question of the day: Why are men such complicated creatures with so many simple needs?

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☻look for a new flat
☻start Hiphop dancing
☻ask about scholarship in Taipeh
☻look for a sublease
☻get a hair treatment
☻email Steinberg about Immatrikulation - scholarship


♥winter coat
♥some basic tops (i.e. Cardigan)
♥winter shoes



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